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Nevertheless, by taking the preventative measures discussed in this article you should be able to lower your risk and hopefully avoid this condition completely. Although this type of cancer can be treated avoidance is a far better option. Today and you should reap the rewards Begin making the recommend changes. Whilst every intention has been made to make this article informative and accurate, it is intended for general information just. Colon cancer is an extremely serious, lifestyle threatening condition and you ought to discuss any concerns, treatments or lifestyle changes with your doctor fully.Sebelius spoke about how the federal government offers been overcharged by 14 % for Medicare Advantage programs and how it would create cost savings by reducing obligations to those private Medicare programs. She also spoke about seniors and medical treatment reform debate: Well, when you think about what occurred to seniors during the course of this debate, it borders on outrageous. Seniors, I would say, were actually targeted with a complete series of misinformed statements which were designed to scare them about regulations, to get them to actually ask their members of Senate and Congress to stop it, starting with from loss of life panels, which still most seniors think are part of the Affordable Care Work .