000 discomfort specialists.

2014 PAINWeekEnd Regional Meeting to highlight health crises of inadequate pain management There are 116 million people in pain. There are 4,000 discomfort specialists http://www.sildenafilcitrate.net/ . That's 29,000 patients per pain specialist. There are simply just not enough pain specialists to go around. What can frontline practitioners perform to meet up the challenges of this growing public ailment? Attend PAINWeekEnd Houston! The 2014 PAINWeekEnd Regional Conference convenes on Saturday, May 10, in Houston at the Marriott Houston Westchase.

When the government finalized austerity measures, allocations for science had been dealt a lighter blow than additional sectors. Bruce Charlton Many hypothetical What would it not be like if Bruce Charlton had been still editor in chief of the journal Medical Hypotheses? Alas, we received’t understand the answer to that hypothetical query. Following a publication of a paper questioning the causal link between AIDS and HIV, the journal’s publisher Elsevier pushed for Medical Hypotheses to look at peer review. Picture by compujeramey via Flickr Innovative Commons.. We list key people who made headlines this complete year, either by standing up for what they saw as correct or by stopping what they felt was wrong.