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Trachoma is an infectious eye disease and the leading cause of blindness worldwide infectious diseases. Worldwide 84 million people suffer from active infection and nearly 8 million people are visually impaired as a consequence of this disease.

The potential impact of more efficient, focused treatment of infected households depends on the relative contribution of the community and household transmission of infections hitherto estimated.. Isobel Blake, the lead author of of the study, from Imperial College London, said: Trachoma can be a very debilitating disease – to work, it is difficult for people in the Third World and in their daily lives when they lose their vision. Our research shows that the bacterial infection which causes trachoma spread really easily within a household.Of reducing President shall invite Congress to take preventive measures in order risk factors in the nation’s No. 1 killer reduce support costs – to help American Heart Association President Daniel W. Disc crowded Congress legislative, Americans controlling pass through her risk of factors for cardiovascular disease. Are overweight high blood pressure, diabetes and other risk factors on the rise, the club is the elected official call for measures which to support located on research and preventive.

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