70 percent of workers have changed their behavior to prevent flu.

As the survey results are an excellent indication that employees are responding to public health suggestions, employers should observe the nearly thirty % who aren’t inclined to change health behavior even in the face of a pandemic. Poll Results: H1N1 Flu and Behavior Provides H1N1 flu made you even more cautious about protecting your health this year? If therefore, where is most of your concentrate? Yes, I am much more likely to clean my hands/prevent touching people or place of work areas – 47 %Yes, I am more inclined to obtain a flu shot – 16 %Yes, I am much more likely to stay home/keep family members house if there are flu symptoms – 8 % No, my behaviors haven’t changed – 29 %..XIENCE V met its main endpoint in the SPIRIT III scientific trial with a statistically significant 50 % decrease in in-segment late reduction at eight a few months compared to TAXUS. The XIENCE V stent is definitely on both over-the-wire and quick exchange delivery systems. Rapid exchange may be the most broadly used kind of delivery system because it provides physicians extra flexibility to are one operators during stent methods. XIENCE V was accepted by the FDA in July 2008 and released in Europe and other international marketplaces in October 2006.