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We believe in building a strong job market, accessible and affordable health care and quality education for all Americans. We believe the people of the Space Coast deserve to be heard.

5b98a51d844cf083418c7193dcee292b_XSDemocrats in Brevard Stand with Lagoon Supporters

The Brevard Democratic Executive Committee has been encouraging Brevard Democrats to attend "Hands Across the Lagoon."

bab2d5d59ac444db8043a4f3e32c9f0e_XSBrevard Democrats Fill Room for Banquet

Last weekend, the Brevard Democrats filled the ballroom of the Viera Holiday Inn to see Florida Senior Senator Bill Nelson and others speaking on issues important to citizens of Florida.

Other News

Long time Democrat and DEC member Charles Speegle (Chuck) passed away on Jan 25.There will be a Memorial Service held in his honor on Sunday, Feb. 26 from 3-6 pm at the home of Alan and Pat Jotkoff in Melbourne.

What's happening? An impactful meeting this evening with our newly elected Vice Chair, Bob Chavier and Secretary, Peggy Lushine.Also, great guest speakers from the League of Women's Voters and our Special Guest, Vivian Rodriguez from FDP LEAD Team/President of the Democratic Hispanic Caucus of Florida. We are fired up & ready to go!

DEC elections coming up soon this Feb 18th for Vice Chair & Secretary.Be on the look out for your upcoming email reminder from our newly appointed CommunicationsChair Lance Warren. A hearty thank you to our State Committeewoman Mary Greene and State Committeeman Bill Rittenger for attending their State Conference in Orlando last weekend.Special kudos for Mary's in depth reporting of what transpired during the conference. We are all[…]

AMAZING!! Kudos to the Brevard County Commission for taking such a proactive stance.

Brevard commissioners OK same-sex health coverage Brevard commissioners OK health insurance coverage of same-sex spouses

If you can help out with these projects, please do so. Bob Williams This Saturday January 31st (weather permitting) we will be painting the exterior of Sgt. Tayolr’s future home.2741 Rhapsody St. NE Palm BayStart time 9:00 amI will have brushes, rollers, rags and some work pots. But if you have extra please bring. Also Monday we have scheduled to demolish the[…]

"Merry Christmas, everybody! May God bless you all. And we wish you and your family a happy and healthy 2015." —President Obama and the First Lady

Dear Brevard Democrats, I wanted to take the time to tell you that I am sorry I am not able to move forward as your chair. I had every intention of working together to make us more visible, more energetic and to elect more Democrats. I have some personal issues keeping me more focused on my health. I will still be involved in some capacity and will always support my[…]

BREAKING: US Supreme Court Denies Florida AG Request For Stay Of Same-Sex Marriage Ruling

The U.S. Supreme Court has just denied Florida's request for a stay of rulings striking down bans on same-sex marriage.

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Happy Hanukkah!Read our statement

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