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Take care of number one Know your body, be familiar with any noticeable changes and contact your doctor if you notice anything unusual. To find out more about the campaign go to:.. A full case study in U.S. Health care costs THE BRAND NEW York Times: The $2.7 Trillion Medical Costs Deirdre Yapalater's recent colonoscopy in a surgical middle near her home here on Long Island went smoothly: she was whisked from pre-op to an operating space where a gastroenterologist, assisted by an anesthesiologist and a nurse, performed the routine malignancy screening procedure in less than an full hour.Thirty-one healthful females took component in the study, released in PLOS ONE; all individuals were measured twice. On one of the times, the cellular phone was attached to the women’s ears with a sham phone being placed on their chests. On last week, the mobile phone was mounted on the chest and the sham phone to the hearing. During each assessment, EEG activity and radio-rate of recurrence radiation were recorded. Significant results when cell phone placed next to the earThe research found significant results once the cellular phone was placed following to the ear.