AACC unveils updated brand identity AACC.

We have a fresh look, but our eyesight remains the same: better health through laboratory medicine. .. AACC unveils updated brand identity AACC, a worldwide medical and scientific professional business dedicated to better health through laboratory medicine, unveiled an updated brand identity today that reflects the corporation's dedication to greatly help laboratory professionals adjust to the changing health care environment and continue steadily to carry out what they do best: offer vital insight to doctors, so sufferers get the care and attention they want. The laboratory experts that make up AACC's membership play an important role in saving lives and making people healthier, said AACC CEO Janet B. Kreizman. With this updated brand identity, we created a visible shorthand to show that AACC promotes brand-new thinking and new skills to help laboratory specialists address the complexity of an evolving healthcare landscape while attempting to advance patient wellness.Having only 1 large seed is the contrast that the acai berries need to grapes. It is the custom made of Brazilians to eat the berries at many meals, but especially at breakfast time. The properties of them are quite beneficial to human health; thus the claim that the University of Florida supports that these berries can help to fight cancer. There are several other properties that make the acai very rich, such as protein, amino acids, and antioxidants; in fact these berries have the highest degree of antioxidants among all fruits that are consumed to obtain the rich benefits of antioxidants, even more than mangoes and grapes. Since the plants are difficult to grow beyond Brazil and the South American areas, it is impossible to find fresh entire berries for sale in any other parts of the continent.