AAJ says health care reform should improve basic safety.

AAJ says health care reform should improve basic safety, not restrict rights of patients As President Obama and Congressional leaders plan tomorrow’s healthcare summit, the American Association for Justice is today reminding lawmakers to keep in mind the 98,000 patients killed every year by preventable medical mistakes and how restricting their legal rights will not fix America’s broken healthcare system. Opponents of reform have repeatedly attacked injured patients and used the malpractice issue to hijack the health care debate, stated AAJ President Anthony Tarricone. Four-year-outdated Cara Leigh Searcy of Scottsville, VA, was among the 98,000 patients killed by preventable medical mistakes annually.Therefore, it’s important to examine various other potential neuroprotectants for ischemic stroke. Moreover, various failures of candidate medications for cerebral ischemia possess generated a series of suggestions that aim to improve the probability of successful translation. Among them, systematic review and meta-analysis of preclinical studies have been advocated to help expand inform candidate drug advancement and supply pool information for jumping into stroke scientific trials.For thousands of years, Ginseng has been used in Traditional Chinese Medicine as a tonic to improve stamina and vitality.