AAMC presents Nickens award to Stritch School student Ray Mendez.

In his second year of medical college, Mendez was selected as a Chicago Region Schweitzer Fellow and began focusing on a community-based project that combined his interest for community empowerment with preventative medication. His goal was to supply minority students from low-income backgrounds with tools, skills, and confidence to pursue a career in medication. With the support of the Schweitzer Fellowship, he released the Loyola chapter of medical Professionals Recruitment and Exposure Program , a bi-annual, six-week program aimed at decreasing health and healthcare disparities through the recruitment of underrepresented minorities into health care careers.She concerns her genitals are off-putting Many women be concerned about their man putting his face near their genitals – especially for oral sexual intercourse. She’d like you to pleasure her with your tongue but she’s as nervous as hell you’ll dislike her smell and taste. Wax lyrical about how much you love her intimate parts and you will will improve her sexual self-esteem no end. And score big brownie points. She wants her imperfections recognized If she’s cellulite and wobbly bits, explain your boep and skinny hip and legs and laugh with each other at your imperfections.