AAO-HNSF scientific plan to discuss latest research about hearing loss.

The scientific program and poster classes will address medical disorders that are being among the most common afflictions to all or any age range and both sexes. Included in these are hearing loss, sleep disorders, allergies, ear infections, voice disorders, sinusitis, neck and head cancer tumor, and pediatric ENT medical issues. Additional sessions shall focus on the function of HPV in otolaryngology, the constant state of the science in treating food allergies, and new recommendations for the treating hoarseness..Dr. Guido Combine, Bruker Daltonics Director for Microbiology Business Development, concluded: The MALDI Biotyper is already an extremely suitable and reliable device for daily microbiological routine evaluation. More than 100 clinical diagnostic labs Globally, as well as further microbiology departments at commercial and educational sites operate this protein fingerprinting-based approach. We are very very happy to collaborate with an organization like the AGES in order to explore the MALDI Biotyper capabilities beyond current standardized operational species identification techniques, and towards stress clone or typing monitoring.