About Xeloda.

About Xeloda , capecitabine is a targeted oral chemotherapy-the uniquely activates the cancer-killing agent 5-FU directly inside the cancer cells[v] – When oral tablet with equal efficacy to IV patient capecitabine 5-FU/FA may take in your own home, reducing the number of hospitalizations – Licensed in more than 100 countries around the world, capecitabine has over ten years proven clinical experience providing an effective and flexible treatment option to over 1.5 million people with cancer. In the UK, capecitabine is currently indicated.

A targeted anti-cancer therapy is a type of drug that the growth of cancer cells by interfering with specific molecules which cause a tumor to grow. The study, patients were randomized receive one of the following regimens as first line:.

The international Phase III study showed that trastuzumab increases in combination with chemotherapy average survival time. By 26 percent in patients with HER2-positive advanced and inoperable stomach cancer compared with chemotherapy alone.Oral cancer is the sixth leading cause of cancerous worldwide and in the U.S., one person dies every hour of by the disease. Loud American Cancer Society data almost as many women be are diagnosed with oral cancer to cervical cancer in this year. The key to reducing which effects of the disease is the early detection. Several global clinical trials have shown that the conventional visual / palpation to fail to identify up to 40 percent of cancers and precancerosis.

Zila, in Phoenix, Arizona , is to a diagnostic company that is to the prevention, identification and treatment of mouth cancer and periodontal disease. The Zila manufactures and markets ViziLit Plus with TBlu , US company’s flagship products on early detection of orally anomalies that may lead to cancer. ViziLit plus adjunctive therapy medical equipment delete for the use for use within a population with increased risk for oral cancer. Also develops Zila, manufactures and markets a series of proprietary product of sold exclusively and directly at dental professionals of periodontal, including Rotaden Professionelle Powered Brush, the Pro-Select Platinu ultrasonic scalers and a portfolio of oral pharmaceutical products to at – office and home – healthcare use. Every Zila products are distributed and sell in the U.S.