AccentHealth launches new digital patient engagement platform AccentHealth.

AccentHealth launches new digital patient engagement platform AccentHealth, the leader in affected individual education media at the idea of care, announced today the start of a fresh digital patient engagement system, the AccentHealth Exam Room Tablet, as part of the industry's most comprehensive exam room program. Patients spend up to an average of 16 minutes waiting within an exam room before their physician arrives, and AccentHealth's digital tablet provides them with a broad range of content and interactive features to make more productive use of this time and plan the doctor-patient discussion. All the content and interactive features may also be available for patients to see down the road their own mobile device or computer, to extend their learning beyond the working office visit treatment for ed .

‘It was a great privilege to hear positive feedback from such an esteemed group of leading MS physicians, and we look forward to making a formal announcement regarding the institutions that will take part in our prepared Cyrevia scientific trial,’ stated Samuel S. Duffey, Esq., Accentia’s President & CEO. ‘In particular, we found huge enthusiasm for a single span of Cyrevia therapy administered over four consecutive times that offers patients the potential to ‘reboot’ their immune system in order to decrease their disability. Following Cyrevia, the immune system reforms, only with new white blood cells produced from these stem cells, in effect ‘rebooting’ itself and reestablishing an immune system without a large inhabitants of autoimmune cells.