According to research in the American Heart Association journal Stroke.

1/3 of individuals who survive stroke before age 50 cannot live independently One-third of individuals who survive a stroke before age group 50 cannot live independently or want advice about daily activities 10 years following their stroke, according to research in the American Heart Association journal Stroke generic viagra pills online . About ten % of strokes take place in 18 – and 50-year-olds. ‘Even if sufferers seem fairly well recovered with respect to motor function, there may be immense 'invisible' harm that leads to lack of independence,’ said Frank-Erik de Leeuw, Ph.D., senior author of the study and associate professor of neurology at the Radboud University Nijmegen Medical Center in the Netherlands.

Between abnormalities with income, work verification and legal status in the U.S., it appears as though the majority of Obamacare enrollees are either criminals, deadbeats or illegal aliens who don’t also belong in the country. Of the roughly 8 million applicants who’ve enrolled in Obamacare around this writing, almost 3 million of them can’t be verified by the existing system as eligible, according to the HHS. And at this time in time, there is no real method to ever verify them, as admitted by the Inspector General, further proving the substantial swindle that is levied on the American people by the Usurper-in-Chief who, ironically, has his own eligibility inconsistencies. Four state-run exchanges admit they will have no way of verifying if Obamacare enrollees are legal citizens Beyond the federal debacle, at least four state-run Obamacare exchanges are also incapable of verifying applicant eligibility.