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Compared to Caucasian infants African-American infants slept 0.94 fewer total hours per day. Parents slept African-American, Hispanic, and Asian babies more hours daytime naps, but a few hours at night. Infants whose mothers had a history of depression during pregnancy and those who were breastfed six months apparently sleep less hours per day in total. Previous studies correlations between lack of sleep in children and its potential negative effects on health, such as overweight status and cognitive development demonstrated, said Nevarez.

Schafer, the doctoral student in sociology and gerontology of the study conducted. We have found that about one third of obese people in the United States report for any form of discrimination experience and the experience of weight discrimination plays into people’s own perspective about their weight. Appears to internalize many people the prejudice and stigma they feel, and it helps which ultimately affects their health. .

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