Aetna is assisting to reverse abuse of prescription painkillers Misuse of prescription painkillers.

The Aetna team helps develop and track treatment plans for opioid dependence. Among participants, the program has shown a thirty % improvement in opioid abstinence rates; a 35 % reduction of in-patient hospital admissions and a 40 % decrease in total paid medical costs. This program recently earned reputation by URAC as a 2013 best practice in customer engagement and protection. Members meet the criteria for the scheduled applications based on their enrollment in self-insured or fully-insured Aetna medical, pharmacy and/or behavioral health benefits..‘This legislation will have a devastating impact on individuals with psychiatric disabilities by stripping SAMHSA [Substance Misuse and Mental Health Providers Administration] support for customer involvement in their recovery,’ said Tag Perriello, president and CEO of the American Association of individuals with Disabilities . ‘Americans with psychiatric disabilities are our close friends, co-workers, neighbors, and brothers and sisters. This legislation tramples their civil rights, and must not move forward as written currently.’ ‘Force and coercion travel people away from treatment,’ said Jean Campbell, Ph.D., one of the country's leading mental health researchers.