AHF thanks Obama for additional $5M.

These resources come on top of proposed boosts for HIV prevention and treatment at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and medical Resources and Services Administration which were included in the original budget submission. Ultimately, the Congress will enact a budget that may establish Federal funding amounts for the fiscal season that starts on October 1st. .. AHF thanks Obama for additional $5M, but says ‘It isn’t nearly enough’ AIDS Healthcare Base , the largest global AIDS organization, responded to today’s announcement by the Obama Administration that it will allocate $30 million in funding to handle the national AIDS Medication Assistance Program crisis which has left 3,000 Americans on waiting around lists to receive lifesaving AIDS medicines by saying Thank you, but it is not nearly enough.The observation that 60 percent of individuals were 18 years of age or younger suggests that children and young adults may be more susceptible to S-OIV infection than are older people or that because of differences in social networks, transmission to older persons has been delayed. Additionally it is possible that elderly persons may have some level of cross-security against S-OIV infections from preexisting antibodies against additional influenza A viruses, as suggested by serologic studies of the 1976 swine influenza vaccine.5,6 A potential case-ascertainment bias could also exist, with more young people being tested as part of outbreaks of S-OIV infection in colleges7 and fewer older people being tested for influenza.