Almacs new UNITED STATES Headquarters launches schedule I-V controlled capabilities Packaging.

Almac’s new UNITED STATES Headquarters launches schedule I-V controlled capabilities Packaging, storage space and distribution of routine I-V controlled chemicals is currently a fully functional capability of Almac’s new UNITED STATES Headquarters in Souderton, PA. As the phased changeover nears its end, the portfolio of services and capacity offered to customers continues to grow due to the $120 million expense. Storage of controlled components is located in a highly secured heat range monitored cage and vault .

The series is with the capacity of both multi-item blister processing and on the web blister printing addressing the necessity for enhanced affected person compliance, whilst ensuring versatility of supply. Enhancing product compliance, the line will include a Total Quality Control Center incorporating a checkweigher and integrated printing and vision program for car – rejection of incorrect printing / serialisation data including 2D codes. The blister range will complement the full suite of highly flexible and condition of the art industrial packaging equipment already installed in the new Audubon facility. Supporting high volume marketed products to niche/orphan drug launches, extra key technologies include bottling, walleting and vial labelling/product packaging. Geoff Sloan, VP Manufacturing Operations described that the partnership with Uhlmann, among the leading US pharmaceutical apparatus suppliers, was a natural choice: Uhlmann could actually offer us with a flexible, high-spec blistering range to match our US client requirements for a superior quality, flexible commercial product packaging remedy.