AN EXTREMELY Unusual Depression Medication Nicotine You must have heard about the saying.

In fact, there is normally nicotine in tomatoes and potatoes and it is hence consumed every day. There have been a number of research studies to test the consequences of the organic nicotine as depression medication and the overall verdict is that it is indeed useful in reversing depression successfully. Because it has been found that this element is helpful, research concentrated on finding out safe methods to administer it to those who need it. Cigarette smoking is too harmful for wellness to be considered for this purpose therefore the nicotine water was tried out and was found quite effective. Using nicotine water does not trigger or support addiction to nicotine, but simultaneously it is sufficient to be used as depression medication. Individuals who used it as such discovered that it is quite effective and, hence, it is gaining in status.The findings suggest that the persistent weakening of synaptic connections between neurons induced by the endogenous release of acetylcholine in the prefrontal cortex may underlie the formation of new associative memories. The authors speculate that the memory impairments connected with Alzheimer’s dementia may result, in part, from a lack of synaptic plasticity in the prefrontal cortex related to the depletion of brain acetylcholine occurring in the disease. Dr Douglas Caruana, who completed the experiments, stated: ‘Disruptions in cholinergic signaling in the prefrontal cortex are recognized to affect how the human brain encodes lasting associations between items and locations, and a depletion of human brain acetylcholine levels in the cortex can be a classic hallmark of Alzheimer’s dementia’.’ Professor Bashir added: ‘Acetylcholinesterase inhibitors are the most widely used medication to treat people with Alzheimer’s dementia and the enhancement of synaptic plasticity by acetylcholinesterase inhibition that people now demonstrate may be a way in which these drugs provide clinical efficacy.’..