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The cells designed to continuously deliver a therapeutic dose of CNTF in the rear part of the eye.. In both studies there was a statistically significant dose-dependent increase dose-dependent increase in retinal thickness with photoreceptor layers as determined by optical coherence tomography . These statistically significant recently completed Phase observed in a recently completed Phase -501-501 study in patients with geographic atrophy 26th with dry age-related macular degeneration , at results of the Neurotech March 2009 were reported together.

ECT implants consist of cells that have been genetically modified to produce a specific therapeutic protein, and encapsulated in a semi-permeable hollow fiber membrane. The diffusion properties of the hollow fiber membrane have been developed long-term survival long-term survival of the cell by the flow of oxygen and nutrients while prevent direct contact of the encapsulated cells with the cellular and molecular components of the immune system. The cells continuously produce the therapeutic protein, which diffuses out of the implant at the target site. ECT thereby enables the controlled, continuous delivery of therapeutic factors directly to the retina, bypassing the blood-retinal barrier.. The News-Leader. Another deputy fights with her decision on a health-related is is Sen.– Therapeutics present two studies of negotiation-111 to 102nd AACR proper Meeting.

VBL Therapeutics, a clinical-stage undertakes biotechnology company developing novel treatments for immunoassay inflammatory diseases and Krebs , announced clinical data suggest negotiation-111 potential utility as deliberate cancers treatment of. The Company presented itself two studies, the safety of safety and specificity Negotiable-111 and the other showing its pledge to glioblastoma, deposited with the American Association for Cancer Research Annual Meeting of place this week in Orlando, Florida.

The researchers assessed the impact of Visual-111 on tumor growth in rat to established intracranial xenografts of. Results show tumor size of animals dealt with to Negotiable-111 fallen, with an injector, rats show median survival of 48 days versus 38 days ago to naive rats. VBL is examining Visual-111 in Phase 1/2 trial in patients with glioblastoma.

Showed Preclinical safety pharmacological and toxicological analyzes for VB-111 tissue specific for the tumor tissue, not have a significant damage of normal, non – noncancerous tissues or healthy blood receptacle distributions in the body, and a more than 90 % reduction metastatic lung model with an injector, and similar potency at other tumor models of.