Biomedically speaking.

ObamaCare does not have any appeal process to protect you. Does this appear to be patient protection? The bureaucrats appointed under this Administration have already cut back on preventive medical screenings, such as for example PSA for prostate lab tests and cancer for breast cancer, and have recommended reducing CTs and MRIs, reducing back surgeries, reducing hip and knee replacements, and reducing approvals for medical center re-admissions for the same disease within thirty days of discharge. Will this sound like patient protection? The same unelected bureaucrats in control of your medical care have further reduced access by drastically reducing Medicare obligations to doctors and hospitals.‘Debating the complete number of uninsured should not be our primary concentrate; what’s most important is that Americans should have access to high-quality, affordable health coverage. When folks have health insurance they get access to the standard and preventive care they need to stay healthy. ‘Doctors see firsthand the negative effects of living without health coverage. Many times uninsured individuals delay getting care, often until it’s too past due. Our nation’s 46.3 million uninsured individuals live sicker and die younger. As Congress gets back again to work, the plight of the growing number of uninsured ought to be front and center in the ongoing health reform debate.’.. 9/11 Wellness fund administrator chosen The New York Times: Overseer Of 9/11 Health Fund Is Chosen The Justice Division on Wednesday opt for special master to administer a multibillion-dollar fund created to provide compensation to rescue workers and others sickened from contact with toxic fumes, smoke cigarettes and dust from surface zero after the 2001 terrorist attack.