California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger administration proposed on Saturday generic pills.

California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger administration proposed on Saturday, a prescription drug program that requires pharmaceutical companies discounts uninsured families make with annual ‘d income be excluded from less than $ 60,000 or by Medi-Cal, the state Medicaid program, the San Jose Mercury News reported generic pills . Schwarzenegger open the program to open the program to families with incomes below the 68th confront the catastrophic diseases and have unreimbursed medical expenses in the amount of 10 percent or more of their income. Under the plan, the company would have five years voluntarily offer discount of 40 percent for brand-name drugs and 60 percent for generics (Folmar, San Jose Mercury News, If the companies do not discounts, they could of Medi-Cal, which is about $ 4 billion drugs buys for people with low incomes and the elderly each year, the AP / Los Angeles Daily News reports (Thompson, AP / Los Angeles Daily News cut, the plan could discounts for as many as five million people (San Jose Mercury News.

Russian President Vladimir Putin calls for more HIV / AIDS awareness, Russia to $ 175M on HIV / AIDS programs to spend this yearThe Russian President Vladimir Putin on Friday asked officials HIV / AIDS awareness in the country to increase because the government announced that it would allocate $ 175,000 this year for HIV / AIDS programs, reports Reuters. Although official figures put the number of HIV-positive Russians to more than 342nd some ‘experts think it is much higher,’Putin said, adding that infections in infections in people aged under 30. ‘We constantly have to explain HIV to catch the people at risk and high risk,’Putin said, adding. ‘Above all it is important to work with high-risk groups to now we have not a common strategy[ for] This’. Putin said that he HIV / AIDS a priority during a meeting of leaders from the Group of Eight industrialized countries expected to take place in Russia later this year . Complaint million HIV / AIDS funding is a more than 30 – fold increase compared with the previous allotment, and the government plans to to about to about $ 284,000 in the next year (Smith, Globe and Mail.

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