CB supplementation ester of docosahexaenoic acid to suppress colon tumors cell growth?

Contact: Staci Vernick Goldberg American Association for Cancer ResearchResults from a Phase III drug trial that an anti – anemia drug did not significantly reduce the need for blood transfusions in patients not on chemotherapy and decreased overall survival of patients compared with placebo, according to researchers from the UCLA Medical Center at the 2007 Annual Meeting of the American Association for Cancer Research.

Illustrated with definitions of hazardous, including clinical waste and non-hazardous waste is simple and clear information information on the registration of premises, maintaining a register of waste and the use of the program takes the BVA is confident that the leadership prove indispensable.Differing effects N-6 PUFA, AA and n are-3 PUFAs DHA. Whilst proliferation by AA, incubation with a DHA reduction cellular growth and viability was promoted. In addition, this examination occupies to n – 3 PUFA DHA may straight suppressed AA – well as PGE 2 – induced colorectal cell growth.. CB supplementation ester of docosahexaenoic acid to suppress colon tumors cell growth?

O research article 7 Fixes publish March 2009 at the World Journal of Gastroenterology this issue. The team around Piet Habbel and Karsten H. Weylandt out of the Charite? University Hospital in Berlin and led by Jing X. Kang took advantage from Massachusetts General Hospital in Boston that LS – 174T colon cancer cell line, for the several previous studies have illustrated an important part PGE2 than growth promoting agent.

These findings adding detection of the argument, that the ratio of n-6/n-3 PUFA a crucial factor for the proliferation and the tumor growth to be in the colon, and that DHA is supplementing can suppress tumor cell growth also in presence of high AA – and PGE2 levels of. These findings suggest in that a supplementation DHA may is a powerful tool to counter AA – and PGE 2 mediated intestinal cancer cell growth, which is connected to the prevailing Western diet.

Correspondence to: Karsten H Weylandt, Kang rennet, the Massachusetts General Hospital, 149 13th Street, Room 4433, Nevis, MA 02129, United countries..