Chairman and Professor

Inventor, Peter Palese, Chairman and Professor, Microbiology, Mount Sinai School of Medicine and Adolfo Garcia – Sastre, Professor, Microbiology, Mount Sinai School of Medicine, added the H5 gene to the Newcastle vaccine . When chickens to avian influenza and Newcastle disease virus were exposed birds produced with the recombinant vaccine inoculated protection for both viruses. – This innovative combination vaccine protects against both Newcastle disease and avian influenza, and gives us the possibility of having two dreaded diseases in the poultry industry, population, eliminate a world first, said Dr. .

About The Mount Sinai Medical Center The Mount Sinai Medical Center in New York City residential area, consists of the Mount Sinai Hospital, a tertiary care facility known for excellence in patient care and Mount Sinai School of Medicine, Mount Sinai Hospital,research and in the training of future physicians by internationally known faculty. Established in 1852, the Mount Sinai Hospital, one of the oldest voluntary teaching hospitals in the country and in 1963, created the Hospital Mount Sinai School of Medicine, beginning a close collaboration that Mount Sinai has made one of the leading academic medical center in the country. Today, the patients of Mount Sinai benefit together as a team of doctors and scientists rapidly rapidly translate laboratory research new outpatient treatments. Many of the pioneering approaches that result from these collaborations are initially with only a handful of facilities in the country are available – some only on Mount Sinai. These advances make Mount Sinai the first choice for patients with complex medical and surgical needs.

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