Chih-Chuan Yu.

S9 in the Supplementary Appendix. In biopsy specimens without pathologic glomerular features and in every biopsy specimens of renal allografts from sufferers without recurrent proteinuria , only weak arteriolar immunostaining was observed. Three of five biopsy specimens from sufferers with a diagnosis of minimal-switch disease showed granular staining for B7-1 along peripheral capillary walls, indicating a podocyte distribution . B7-1 was absent in specimens from four of five individuals with secondary FSGS, while poor focal podocyte immunostaining was found in a specimen from one patient . In contrast, specimens from two of the three sufferers with primary FSGS in this series had diffuse and strong linear podocyte B7-1 staining , which was similar to the staining in the specimen from Individual 5 .No support was supplied by pharmaceutical or medical-device businesses. Full approval of the trial was granted by the United Kingdom’s North West Multicentre Research Ethics Committee. The trial was conducted at 37 hospitals that met the criteria for participation in the trial . Trained regional coordinators were responsible for recruitment of individuals, data collection, and follow-up. Trial Procedures Patients of both sexes who have been at least 60 years of age with an stomach aortic aneurysm measuring at least 5.5 cm in size on computed tomography had been evaluated for trial participation.