Coli is certainly scrambling to find 250 staying cartons of the greens.

250 Cartons Of Lettuce Missing The business that recalled its lettuce after irrigation water tested positive for E . Coli is certainly scrambling to find 250 staying cartons of the greens, which could be in any of seven Western states. Nunes Co. Inc. Sunday greater than 8 released the voluntary recall,500 cartons of green leaf lettuce grown using one farm in the Salinas Valley, the lush developing region at the guts of a nationwide outbreak of spinach-borne E. Coli that killed three people and produced 199 others sick. By morning Mon, all but 250 cartons of the lettuce distributed beneath the Foxy brand between Oct. 3 and Oct. 6 have been located and were being destroyed, firm President Tom Nunes said.

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