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The leading cause of illness and death of women of childbearing age Seven of the 10 states in Sudan no qualified midwives, and there are fewer than 30 general practitioners in all of Southern Sudan, further increased the risk of developing fistulas, UN News Service reports. – Saira Stewart, UNFPA Media Officer, said the campaign will Sudan Sudan to services services for fistula care, a offers much needed boost for Sudan health system as a whole, especially since it is one of the highest rates of.

Master student takes top thesis Competition While Tackling Prostate Cancer ResearchThe future of cancer treatment and University of Alberta student personal career prospects are looking bright. Weiyang Liu beat competitors from 80 of the best universities graduate schools in western North America with his thesis on the use of a light-sensitive drug to treat prostate cancer.

The training is part of the UNFPA End fistula campaign, a global campaign, which operates in more than 40 countries, is to fistulas by 2015 to eliminate.Data from clinical development shows that Valdoxan has effective against the main symptoms of depression, including depressed mood, psychomotor retardation, sleep and daytime being fatigue.4-8.

12 S. Stahl Int the Journal of Psychopharmacol. 10: 575-57813 Dates on HTML 07VADOF12614 Montgomery Kennedy HH, Burrows Directorate, Int Clin Psychopharmacol. 2004, 19: 271-280. Dates in Copy 08VAL009416 NICE depressed guidance, FAQ Depression and Anxiety .

– in 2000, 109.7 million lost working days was attributable to depression. 18? The overall annual costs of the adult depression England have at more than estimated 9 million, EUR 3.5 billion 370 million for direct treatment costs.18.