Doctors noticed a big mass in his face during an ultrasound that they couldnt identify.

‘We think that is a real game changer,’ Green said. ‘We see this as OB’s may potentially have a 3D printer correct by the ultrasound machine.’ As the technology isn’t inexpensive, the expense of 3D printing can be steadily declining and Green believes it will soon become more accessible to a greater number of hospitals. ‘The 1st printer in our laboratory price over $100,000. The last one which we bought was about $1,000,’ he stated. ‘The capabilities are different but in an extremely real way the costs have dropped.’ Thompson said she experienced seen stories in the news about 3D printing assisting doctors with heart surgeries but didn’t find out it had been possible to use it for fetuses. She said she is grateful her doctors could actually make use of the technology to greatly help deliver her son.These results were released in the Neural Regeneration Study .

AAOS calls for submission of tales of orthopaedic care What can you or someone you know do today because of orthopaedic care? Patients, whose standard of living has improved with treatment, can help surgeons illustrate the value of medical creativity and help us acknowledge the importance of usage of quality orthopaedic care. Related StoriesNovel wound closure technique may decrease complication rates for patients with scoliosisAnti-osteoporotic therapy can reduce subsequent fracture risks by 40 percent: StudyAlternative limb-lengthening technique makes recovery process less cumbersomeOrthopaedic surgeons are professionals in musculoskeletal health and treat people of all age groups.