Exhibiting severe conflicts of interest in their reporting.

The CDC recently scrubbed its website of this details in a ‘revisionist history’ purge. Up to 98 million Americans were exposed to hidden cancer viruses in polio vaccines. That is an historical reality. Read more at FACT #4) Top virologists working for Merck have blown the whistle and eliminated general public with shocking revelations that state the company routinely fabricated lab results to claim a 95 percent efficacy price of its mumps vaccine to be able to continue receiving authorities contracts on a vaccine that didn’t work.The warnings came a year-and-a-half after Cosmetic surgeon General Luther Terry announced the findings of a groundbreaking study: ‘It’s the judgment of the Committee that using tobacco contributes considerably to mortality from particular specific diseases and to the overall death rate.’ Outrageous vintage cigarette advertisements Advertisements touting medical and medicinal great things about tobacco items, featuring reassuring doctors, adorable babies, and cartoon individuals The warning labels had been a warning shot over the bow for an industry that for years had entrenched itself in both our nationwide economy and popular tradition.