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Federal healthve health services prevent searched in state family planning clinics, the Indianapolis Star reported (Walton, Indianapolis Star, PPI March a action seeking temporary and permanent injunctions on Carter and the state Medicaid Fraud Control Unit of the search include customers at 40 Planned prevent Parenthood affiliate clinics across the country. Carter has said he will explore with MFCU to the records subpoena, whether the family planning clinics reporting correctly on cases of rape and sexual molestation of children under 14 years, adding that his office under the Federal and state legislation is receive receive allegations of abuse and neglect by any medical clinics, Medicaid reimbursement from the state.

Isk Of Sexual Assault on college campusesThe unsettling statistics for sexual assault, the Department of Justice reports that one in five college women are victims of attempted or actual sexual assault during their college years will be. In a new study, the researchers from two universities, including the University of Missouri found that college women often are unaware of drug facilitated sexual assault seen and not the risk of certain behaviors, including leaving drinks unattended.

In the study, from Miami University in Oxford, Ohio, performed more than 400 students rated their perceptions of risk after reading a short one story about an acquaintance rape.In pharmacy, psychology, social work and biomedical engineering, a couple a few , the new plant will work together thus these learned their joint efforts their joint efforts for specific problems with health and nutrition.. The new institute Food, Nutrition and Rutgers at Rutgers having 10 U.S. Dollars from Robert Wood Johnson Foundation.

Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey, had a four-year, $ 10 million grant by the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation to receive the to establish the Institute for Food , Nutrition and Health, on Georgetown H. Cook Campus. Rutgers has a pioneer in the of Food Science and food The University was to establish among the first scientific departments in these fields exceeding half a century, dozens of researchers in different units of University of work in related areas.