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In their latest of a total of eight publications created to date, the study team reports that four naturally occurring benzophenones can avoid the proliferation of the tested cancer cell lines, including multi-medication resistant strains. The benzophenones investigated are possibly cytotoxic substances that need to become more extensively investigated with the purpose of developing new cancer medicines that work against susceptible and resistant cancers , claims the article recently released in the scientific journal Phytomedicine.. African medicinal plants contain chemical substances that might help stop pass on of cancer cells African medicinal plants contain chemicals that may be in a position to stop the spread of cancer cells. This is actually the conclusion of researchers following laboratory experiments conducted at Johannes Gutenberg University Mainz .A subgroup of sufferers was monitored for measures of immune function at weeks 6, 14, and 26. After central confirmation of disease progression, the treatment assignment could be revealed to patients, who were after that treated at the physician’s discretion. Patients in the placebo group could enroll in an open-label salvage protocol and receive APC8015F, a product manufactured based on the same specifications as sipuleucel-T but from cells cryopreserved at that time the placebo was prepared. Adverse Events All adverse events were reported before time of objective disease progression. Thereafter, only events which were dependant on investigators to be at least possibly related to sipuleucel-T had been reported, except cerebrovascular occasions, which were reported of causality assessment irrespective.