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Okay, so are there 5 different categories of foods that burn off fats. They are classified according to what main benefits they give. It is important to include these fat burning foods from each category to enable you to really reap the benefits of the various benefits of each fat reducing category. Fat burning foods helps you to velocity up your weight loss process. This is because there are some fat reducing foods that may also acceleration up your weight loss process and enable you to lose not only fats, but lose weight also. Fat burning foods help you feel fuller and pleased longer. The reason being the food’s sustainability in your digestion procedure can be longer than almost every other foods and hence, makes you full for a longer time which leads for you losing more weight and fats easily by not overeating.Teens Copy Parents’ Cigarette smoking: Study: – FRIDAY, Sept. 18, 2015 – – Although some teens don’t often duplicate their parents’ behavior, there’s one habit they could grab from mom or dad – – smoking. Teens are 3 x more likely to smoke cigarettes at least a single cigarette – – and their probability of smoking dependence are nearly doubly high – – if one of their parents would depend on nicotine, the brand new study found. And teenage daughters of women who smoke cigarettes appear to be most at risk. These young girls were nearly four times as likely to be dependent on nicotine if their mom was a normal smoker, the experts said.