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Dorn was on the path to San Francisco the other day whenever a full-body scanner detected her prostheses. Dorn said she explained that she had lately undergone bilateral mastectomy and experienced cells expanders implanted for future breast reconstruction. A Transport Security Administration agent refused to let her retrieve from her wallet documentation that explains the kind of expanders, serial figures and my doctor’s info, she said. I got no choice but to allow an agent to touch my breasts before other passengers, Dorn said.The progression-free survival benefit connected with high-dose melphalan was constant across all patient subgroups . Among the 251 patients who were eligible to be contained in the second randomized evaluation , median progression-free survival was considerably longer with lenalidomide maintenance therapy than with no maintenance therapy . Lenalidomide maintenance therapy, in comparison without maintenance therapy, got no significant effect on the 3-year overall survival rate . The beneficial effect of lenalidomide maintenance on progression-free of charge survival was homogeneous in every subgroups except individuals with stage III disease at the time of analysis .