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In 2005 to shows Nurse morale On Ten Year Low, UK – 10 years in a nurse morale is low according to a new survey commissioned by the Royal College of Nursing . The survey shows that optimism about job security, career opportunities and training at its lowest level since 1997. The survey also shows that more than one quarter of all nurses are a second job a second job to make ends meet best for male power .

The survey shows that RCN members in the NHS in England will receive ballot papers this week on the question of pay, asked a work in four of the nurses a second job to supplement their income. During 2005re. Morale survey reinforces the the dedication nurses show their patients , with 58 percent of all respondents work longer than they contracted for. Nurses working full time work an average of 44 hours a week, 7 more than their contracted hours. Speaking RCN general secretary Dr Peter Carter said:.

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