In a separate study in the same issue of Science.

In a separate study in the same issue of Science, a team of scientists led by Stephen Jane at the Royal Melbourne Hospital in Melbourne, led Australia report released, although insect cuticle and the outer layer of mammalian skin are very different chemically, The grainyhead gene is also important for the development and normal skin wound healing in mice. Cancer cells,’The discovery that grainyhead-like factors in the response to injury requires opening up new avenues of research in the field of wound healing,’said Kimberly Mace, the first author of the paper UCSD. ‘It also opens up new avenues for cancer research, since many cancer cells, genes are normally involved in wound healing to occur activate startup processes such as cell division and cell migration. ‘.

Type In their paper, the UCSD researchers found that the study of the wound pathway in fruit flies, which are easy to manipulate genetically, can provide new insights into the wound healing in mammals. For example, Mace points out that very little is known about how wound tissue stops its growth wound has healed. Wound has healed. In addition, cancer cells evade this stop program, but how it will do so is not well understood.Food and Drug Administration for Contrav , to investigational medicinal used to treat obesity. The NDA will. Ample evidence at by Contrave Obesity Research clinical program, which have gained over 4,500 patient enclosed – We are pleased the FDA has accept of our authorization application for filing and are pleased to working together with of the Agency during the reviewing process, said Michael Narachi, President & CEO of Orexigen. By weight of loss and weight maintenance an achievable pillars in the treatment of of obesity and its common comorbidities food..

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