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The change is not just cause for alarm. Both cancer and heart disease death rates have eliminated for Hispanics and all others. Instead, most heart disease deaths fell faster.

Cancer Society researchers examined federal death data for 2009 and found 29,935 U.S. Hispanics died of cancer, a little more than the 29th who died of heart disease. It was the first year in which cancer deaths surpassed heart disease in this ethnic group.– Homeland Security and Agriculture – house Bills It has two confirmed FY 2007 Appropriations invoices which contain regulations buying the purchase of prescription medications from abroad, according to Kirstin Brost, federal legislation for rental Approval Committee senior member of David Obey (AP / the San Francisco Chronicle, the provision in building Homeland Security agents bill would be include the of prescription drugs out each nation (Los Angeles Times, According the AP / Chronicle from the purchase of prescription drugs from abroad, Bush administration has attempted to that restrictions loosening contrary and FDA officials have said that the agency may be no guarantee of safety of imported drugs (AP / San Francisco Chronicle..

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