In recent large scale studies people who.

A moderate intensity physical activity increases the beneficial effects of sex hormones on bone strength and the cardiovascular system and is with a reduced risk of disease and premature death. In recent large scale studies people who , but physically active have been seen to be less risk of illness and disease deaths than the people who have a normal weight, but are sedentary. ‘It is important that moderately moderately before and during menopause,’argues Dr. ‘post-menopause, energy expenditure. Hormone estrogen leads to a reversal of the protective effects. Women, bone density begins to decrease, arteries arteries stiffer, their cholesterol levels begin to increase and increases their risk of diabetic. These physiological changes are much slower in women who are involved in an active lifestyle before the menopause than in those who were inactive.

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Local anesthesia. Examines alternative methods of hysterectomyThe Wall Street Journal on Tuesday examined endometrial ablation – a procedure that ‘evaporate ‘in which the uterine lining by several methods such as the use of high-frequency waves away the food or heating, so is that the ‘ ‘repelled over a couple of days ‘ – and increasingly popular as a less invasive alternative to hysterectomy. According to the magazine, endometrial ablation, on on excessive excessive menstrual bleeding, usually is an outpatient procedure that is performed under general or local anesthesia.Other secondary endpoints evaluate include the effects of NB S101 on bone, of strontium planes and markers cartilage degradation. Side effects be be evaluated.. J starts Phase II study of an Investigational Drug of Osteoporosis.

Addition to the the primary endpoint quantitating resorption Osteologix plans achieve the effect of NB S101 specific on bone through measuring markers of of this process to be assessed.

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