In the next three years.

The six new research groups is to undertake the research in the humanities and social sciences and the life sciences. The topics range from studying psychology to how we perceive others to study algae and viruses to improve. In the next three years, the Research Units will receive approximately 14.7 million euros. The DFG currently funds a total of 202 research groups. The new research groups are as follows:.

Instead of over the entire genome, the microarray focuses on suspect regions of chromosomes for signs of deleted genetic material role role in carcinogenesis.. Researcher Dr. Maris ‘ laboratory previously established that LOH in a region of chromosome can grab 11 aggressive neuroblastoma The new microarray, such gene defects on chromosome 11 and other genetic regions in neuroblastoma embroiled recognize. In contrast, gene expression microarrays, various levels of the RNA detect the activity of various genes as DNA transfers information measure RNA current microarray directly identifies changes in the DNA. ‘These DNA changes, including gain or loss of genetic material, are important for neuroblastoma prognosis,’said Dr.

Source: Dr.Customized gene chip provides rapid detection of genetic alterations in childhood cancer researchgenetics researchers have a customized gene chip to rapidly tumor samples scan for specific DNA changes, the references to the prognosis in neuroblastoma, a common form of child cancer develops offer.‘However our research shows that the ‘secondary ‘and chemically formed particles are longer significantly to poor air quality, also be noted in very polluted urban regions. ‘Our study suggests that rules have to a lot more attention much more attention at which gases – like gasoline vapor – that forming secondary organic particles of and establish visible haze,’he said Other examples out of VOCs include vapor from Colours, cleaning product, products on the automotive industry and dry cleaned clothing.. According the study, a much smaller %age organic extractor than previously expected be straight from by cars and industrial processes.

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