Innovative and integrated.

About IkonisysIkonisys the practice of medical diagnosis changed with unique Cell Optics platform – an innovative combination of intelligent imaging, microscopy, biology and computer science – Ikonisys enables the diagnostic test solutions that deliver automated, innovative and integrated. Through the provision of Walk Away automation solutions Ikonisys enables reference labs, hospitals, In 2006, and practice groups both significantly expand its testing volume capacity and standardize their diagnostic procedures. This is their ability to economically deliver accurate, fast and personalized results for cancer screening and monitoring and genetic disorder screening..

‘.. Breast cancer is one of the most common cancers among women in the U.S., and the presence of HER2 gene amplification indicates whether a breast cancer patient Herceptin Herceptin treatment. Increased amounts of the HER2 protein can result in a rapid tumor growth, resistance to certain types of treatment decreased disease-free time and a shorter survival, so that HER2 breast cancer more aggressive than other types of breast cancer. ‘The commercial availability of of our oncoFISH HER2 breast cancer testing is an important step for us,’said Dr. Petros Tsipouras, Chairman and CEO of Ikonisys. ‘With this test, laboratories and hospitals have an economical and accurate method for automating their FISH testing of HER2 breast cancer. This will help them to standardize their diagnostic testing procedures, decrease the waiting time for test results and, more importantly, to help laboratories for shortage of shortage of laboratory technicians by enabling them best best maximize their time.One of three most threatened in the next 10 years is not diagnosed, the study estimates.

One team out of at Oxford University shield over 71,000 people above 18 in England , Wales and Scotland the ages. There 7.9 million people in Britain that have been diagnosed with cardiovascular disease, or have been known to his the risk of development signs – .

Screening plans are pressingplans are in place about Screenshot on View all age forty to seventy-four cardiovascular disorders in England. – The results of this latest study, the the fact that more than half a million aware aware of type 2 diabetes are, underlines the urgency and importance of proposed by the government screening program, said Sihota Saranjit, diabetes UK Head of Public Policy degree. 80 % of people with diabetes die from heart disease.