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However, by this time around it is more challenging to take care of the cancer effectively often. That is normally why it is essential for you to look for indications of bowel cancer at all times. There are numerous symptoms linked with this kind of cancer but below I’ve outlined four of the most common. 1) Bloodstream IN THE STOOLS OR RECTAL BLEEDING: – This is most likely the number 1 symptom of colon cancer. With this kind of cancer the tumour evolves in the final section of the digestive tract. Therefore, if the tumour bleeds some of this blood usually comes out of the rectum or in your stool. The bleeding isn’t usually significant but if you notice any at all you then should inform your physician immediately. 2) PAIN IN THE STOMACH: – If the tumour gets huge enough it can result in a blockage in your colon.Adults Eating Less Fruit, INSUFFICIENT Veggies Most Us citizens still don’t eat vegetables frequently enough, and fruit consumption is dropping a little, thursday according to a fresh government report released. The Centers for Disease Prevention and Control discovered that last year about one-third of U.S. Adults consumed fruit or fruit juice at least twice a time. That’s down somewhat from more than 34 % in 2000. Only about 26 % ate vegetables three or even more times a full day, the same as in 2000. The figures come from a national telephone survey of thousands of Americans. No state met federal government goals of three-quarters of Us citizens eating enough fruit, and half eating plenty of vegetables.