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So bultalbital in Fioricet works for the rest of muscles contractions which get excited about a tension headache. Caffeine is actually a central nervous program stimulant also. Caffeine relaxes muscle contractions in arteries to improve the blood flow which enhances the desires end result. Acetaminophen is a discomfort reliever and a fever reducer and can be used to decrease the pain connected with muscular tension. Why is Fioricet taken? Fioricet is a medicine used to treat tension headaches. These tension head aches are mainly caused by muscle contractions. Fioricet also finds its use for the treating post-dural puncture headaches.The switch could shrink customer rebate checks. But considering what insurers have been through with balky online marketplaces and shifting regulations, even customer advocates don't seem to object . Politico Pro: Administration May Transformation MLR Guidelines The Obama administration's next adjustment to the Affordable Care Act could be just what the insurance companies ordered: changes to the MLR rules. And it's partly due to all the extra expense the insurers incurred due to the mess.