Jaroslaw Regula.

We arbitrarily opt for threshold of 30 colonoscopies that were performed within the framework of the Cancers Screening Program in order to minimize the rate of endoscopist exclusion. For the same reason, examinations that were performed by individual endoscopists in man and female subjects weren’t analyzed separately. Our study has many limitations. First, the data on interval cancers were derived from tumor registries, which are known to be incomplete, with a marked delay in submission of data. The estimated typical completeness of cancer registration in Poland is 89 percent.24 To minimize bias due to incomplete data, we searched regional cancer registries as well as the national registry.Statistical Analysis A explanation of the statistical analysis, along with a comprehensive report in all methods, is available in the Supplementary Appendix. Outcomes Identification of Mucin Region on Chromosome 11 Based on data gathered on the 82 families with familial interstitial pneumonia, the strongest evidence for linkage occurred on chromosome 11, where the optimum multipoint LOD score was 3.3 . The 1-LOD support interval because of this linked area was bounded by markers D11S4046 and D11S1760, spanning 3.4 Mb. Since D11S4046 was the most telomeric marker typed, the spot of interest was inclusive of the p-terminus of chromosome 11 . Within the larger, 8. Allelic association testing revealed seven SNPs within MUC2 that were significantly connected with either familial interstitial pneumonia or idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis .