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In this regard, it was possible with the use of gene expression to identify patients with chronic-phase CML who, despite their medical phenotype, had disease that had already progressed to the accelerated stage at the molecular level.17 Thus, given the reduced frequency of cytogenetic abnormalities in polycythemia vera before disease transformation,18 gene-expression profiling could possess prognostic relevance for individuals with polycythemia vera. With respect to disease specificity, it had been informative to examine the expression of the 102 polycythemia vera core genes in CD34+ cells from patients with CML in the chronic or blast-crisis phase .Try vegetables sandwich or as a snack also. Alternative to dip is so much that you too will surely find your favorite flavor. 4 Try blanching For example, the oriental cuisine, utilized a lot of vegetables, plus they are prepared as follows: steam or boil vegetables in 30-60 mere seconds, and place them in cold water then. This treatment balances a little taste of vegetables. 5 Get inspired by the onion You participate in the combined group of people who cannot tolerate onions? If you feel the onion is too bitter and hate the smell of onions in it shines, you can try the onion slow cooking.