Ms Trench Hines.

Ms Trench – Hines, a pioneer in the application of cancer research to healthcare practice is a long-time advocate of the oncology nurses working at the forefront of patient care. In 1982 she founded Meniscus Limited, with a mission of peer – based delivery of health information to doctors. Your decision to start the company followed an early training as a biochemist, says Ms in supporting cancer drug research at the National Cancer Institute, and a position with the Clinical Research at ICI Americas in developing the drug tamoxifen, where she saw, first hand, the need for keeping oncology nurses up to date with complex and changing the treatment of cancer.

To oncology nursing and ONS, including the publication of excellent clinical newsletters for oncology nurses. It is dedicated to providing quality education, Ms.ich enables learners committed to improving outcomes for their patients. .. ONS is highly selective presentation of this award, most recently in 2002 granted it requires unanimous approval of the ONS Board of Directors Ms. Trench-Hines will be flown for the awards ceremony on the 35th ONS Annual Congress , 13 in San Diego, May. -16.

During their long association with ONS founded Ms. Trench-Hines one $ 3,000 multi-disciplinary training and practice Career Development Award, promoting since 1989, to lifelong learning and increased interdisciplinary collaboration in the care of patients with cancer.Auf der Jahrestagung der Medizin und Verwaltungspunkte Anlagen percent solutions that and exchanges of information layer collected upon information which out of the participating suppliers are displayed.

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