On 25 February.

Adamis acquires prostrate medication candidates from Colby Pharmaceuticals Adamis Pharmaceuticals Corporation , today announced the completion of the acquisition from Colby Pharmaceuticals of the rest of the exclusive license agreements relating to two drug product applicants for the treatment of prostate malignancy . On 25 February, 2010, Adamis announced the signing of a definitive agreement to acquire distinctive licenses covering three little molecule substances, named APC-100, APC-300 and APC-200. Adamis offers contracted for the produce recently, formulation and fill of APC-100 http://tadacip20mg.net . Dennis J. Carlo, President and CEO of Adamis stated Another few months ought to be an exciting time for Adamis; a few of the near term milestones shall include filing the IND for APC-100 Stage I/IIa prostate cancer clinical trial, submitting an IND for a Stage II telomerase tumor vaccine clinical trial, start developing of our second prostate medication APC-200 and publication and announcement of the Stage III efficacy outcomes of our C31G contraception product..

Acute Kidney Failure Medications The patient could be given medicines to treat the reason for the acute renal failure or to prevent complications. Antibiotics: To prevent or treat infections Diuretics : Quickly increase urine output Examples include: Lasix , Bumex Other medications: To eliminate extra fluid and stop electrolyte imbalances Kayexalate can be used to decrease buildup of potassium Sodium bicarbonate is used to diminish acid buildup.