Patama Monkongdee.

Laboratory Assessments One reference laboratory was found in each country. Standardized methods, including quality assurance and efforts to avoid cross-contamination, were implemented in every three laboratories. Specimens obtained in Thailand and Vietnam were also cultured in the Mycobacterial Growth Indicator Tube.24 Bloodstream specimens were inoculated directly into Myco/F-Lytic bottles and put into automated blood-lifestyle instruments .24 Positive cultures were identified as Mycobacterium tuberculosis by means of biochemical exams or the Accuprobe M.New data released by the National Alliance of Condition and Territorial Helps Directors regarding ADAPs supports the need for drug company cost cuts. The National ADAP Monitoring Project Annual Report notes: ‘Medication spending by ADAPs provides increased more than seven-fold since 1996, more than the rate of customer growth over this same period twice.’ This startling statistic demonstrates a large %age of ADAP financing increases are being applied toward rising medication costs, instead of to increasing the amount of individuals accessing lifesaving AIDS medicine.