Patrice Severe.

Hospital Santa Paula will treat patients from around Brazil as well as other countries in Latin America who now must travel long distances for these remedies. .. Patrice Severe, M.D., Marc Antoine Jean Juste, M.D., Alex Ambroise, M.D., Ludger Eliacin, M.D., Claudel Marchand, M.D., Sandra Apollon, B.S., Alison Edwards, M.S., Heejung Bang, Ph.D., Janet Nicotera, R.N., Catherine Godfrey, M.D., Roy M. Gulick, M.D., Warren D. Johnson, Jr., M.D., Jean William Pape, M.D., and Daniel W. Fitzgerald, M.D.: Early versus Standard Antiretroviral Therapy for HIV-Infected Adults in Haiti The optimal time to initiate antiretroviral therapy in adults who are infected with human immunodeficiency virus remains uncertain.15, 2014, will now start Nov.S. The Wall Street Journal: NATIONAL GOVERNMENT To Push Back Health-Insurance Enrollment For 2015 The Obama administration is planning to push back the period during which Americans sign up for coverage beneath the new health legislation in its second calendar year of operation, a modification that could reassure insurers while avoiding the 2014 midterm elections also. People shall have until Jan. 15, 2015, than Dec rather. 7, 2014, to total the procedure . Politico: HHS To Delay 2015 Obamacare Enrollment By A Month The date change, reported by Bloomberg first, lengthens the enrollment period by a week also.