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One addresses palliative and hospice care. The other focuses on major infections, with detailed descriptions of the changes in the disease fighting capability with age and ways to ensure proper antimicrobial stewardship for old adults, those in long-term care settings especially. Fundamentals of Geriatric Pharmacotherapy presents a thorough overview for all health care experts who treat elderly sufferers, and can serve as a core textbook for students.That’s one of the great advantages of our study is that it is directly translatable to kids.’ Porrino said nonhuman primates provide exceptional models for developmental study because they undergo fairly longer childhood and adolescent intervals marked by hormonal and physiological maturation much like humans. ‘Our research showed that long-term therapeutic usage of drugs to treat ADHD will not cause long-term unwanted effects on the developing brain, and importantly, it doesn’t put children at risk for substance abuse afterwards in adolescence,’ she said. One of the exciting reasons for having this extensive research, Porrino said, is that a ‘sister’ study was conducted concurrently at John Hopkins with slightly older aged pets and different drugs and their results were comparable.