Public spaces in urban areas should be designed to more media friendly.

– support for the research from the Marie Curie program of the European Community (FP6, the Council for the Arts at MIT, and the Graham Foundation for Advanced Studies in the Fine Arts provided.. Public spaces in urban areas should be designed to more media – friendly, so journalists and cameramen can safely and cover protests as they unfold.Building a room for DemocracyWhile looking for repressive regime access to effective protest to reduce space is a specific space for protest promoting a positive path to freedom of speech. I try to show that urban planners can promote a healthy democracy. I hope influence urban planners urban planners of the future as well as the citizens of today, says Hatuka their latest exhibition.

While the nature of any protest can be quite different and culture – specific, she says, there are some basic elements that can be used to define the social and spatial characteristics of a good protest. – Some of their most recent research in their recent exhibition resist ‘in and Civil Protest, ‘at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

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