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Aetna cuts projections for policies it’ll sell in new marketplaces Aetna said it expects to sell fewer health insurance plans than initially projected in medical rules's online marketplaces, in October which are slated to open. The insurer also stated its 1st-quarter profit slipped 4 % but raised its 2013 forecast. The Wall Street Journal: Aetna Earnings: Insurer Raises Outlook Aetna and its own peers are preparing for major changes in 2014, when the health care overhaul law calls for coverage expansion to thousands more Americans. [Aetna CEO Tag] Bertolini said Aetna continues to be cautious about jumping into an emerging marketplace for individual coverage of health, and he warned that lower government payments for Medicare Benefit next yr will pose a problem .The term radiosurgery is truly a misnomer .It isn’t a medical procedure and is rather a technique of radiation therapy.Some patients receive several treatment session, but usually only five sessions then your process is termed as stereotactic radiotherapy .and when it is performed for tumours outside skull it really is called Stereotactic body radiation therapy . SRS targets and treats an abnormal region without damaging nearby healthful tissue. SRS is much more likely to end up being recommended for individuals who are too high risk for surgery. This may be due to age or additional comorbidities. The purpose of stereotactic radiosurgery is normally to destroy target tissue while preserving adjacent regular cells, where fractionated radiotherapy uses different sensitivity of the target and the surrounding normal tissue to the full total accumulated radiation dose.