Shared injecting equipment.

Currently, the greatest risk of infection with hepatitis C in the UK through the exchange of equipment for injecting drugs. Shared injecting equipment, even on a one-time basis or a long time ago, could an individual risk of hepatitis C. Hepatitis C is also placing more frequently. In South Asian communities, which often infections infections via other routes Others may infection infection through blood transfusion in the United Kingdom for more than two. Before the introduction of routine screening of blood for the virus in 1991.

– under medical and dental treatment abroad – from infected mother to child before or during birth drug users and equipment are used – tattoo or piercing where unsterile equipment may have been used – sharing razors or toothbrushes contaminated contaminated with blood from someone who is infected – unsafe sex.As the first company filed a truncated new drug application a Paragraph IV of certification for this product, Teva is has distinguished a 180 – day time limit of market exclusivity.

Health care system. – Provided by : Pharmaceutical Teva Industries Ltd.. Industries Ltd exclusivity. First Effexor XR Capsules the United States; Excellent 180-day time of exclusivity.

Teva Pharmaceutical Industries Ltd. announced they has begun market introduction of Venlafaxine HCI IT capsules which society generic versions of antidepressant Effexor of Wyeth X. The mark product to have. Annual revenues of about $ 2750000000 in the USA, based on IMS turnover information.

It is truly our pleasure to Insert our Venlafaxine product, said William S. Marth, President & CEO of Teva North America. The current patent system scheduling process, us are capable of to launch this product 7 years earlier, bringing significant savings for patients and payors and alleviate some of the load in the U.S.